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Jewelry Designer 

Designed by Sara Baldari

Sara Baldari's work as a designer is motivated by an artistic research on materials with an organic essence. The imperfect forms transposed from the natural imagination are the starting point for the creation of his collections. Through the study of shapes, the design follows the creation of the models in symbiosis. 

Plasmate and the first publications

In 2013 the Plasmate collection, which Sara launches at the end of the course at the European Institute of Design, develops around the change in the weft of threads that composes it. From this research Sara interrogates not only the material but also the anatomy of the female body, thus generating made-to-measure pieces such as collarbone and hand jewellery. A few months later, December 2013, the collection comes out in a publication on Famo magazine; a further showcase of this takes place at the Creativity Objects gallery and shop in Turin and, in March 2014, in conjunction with the presentation of the second project under development Agave, in an editorial in HUF magazine.

Also at the end of 2013, anticipating the end of studies at the IED, a collection called Support wins the competition organized by the institute on the occasion of its fortieth anniversary. Success opens the doors in January 2014 to participation in Mirrorbox, an exhibition organized for Altaroma. 

In 2015 Sara moved to London where she established her own laboratory. This will allow her to finish the Agave collection, officially presented in February 2016. Once again materiality is the driving principle of jewelery manufacturing. 

On the same line, and with the same Agave leaf, a pair of rings is created, one with a feminine and one masculine character: the Fe.Male collection.

In 2016, thanks to a job offer from the Danish company Pandora, Sara moved to Milan. The expanding city thanks to the large Expo exhibition welcomes his work in the Fuori Salone exhibition in Lambrate in 2016.

The study of new materials has opened up a new artistic research that will allow Sara to launch her next collection by the summer of 2023.

Made in Italy jewels  e handmade,. Every defect, difference is an added value to the unique piece.

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